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Utilizing music as an approach to explore the potential of ceremonial engagement, Xuri enters the shadow sides of imaginary spaces and dwells at the spring of creation. Her music is a flight through soundscapes paced by throbbing beats, accompanied by ghostly entities and a modern-classical sound of her collaborators. 

Behind the monikers – Xuri / Parietal Eye – is the Copenhagen-based artist Susanne Benther Mouritsen. Affiliated with the label and community surrounding Janushoved, her latest release ‘Bedlam Of Salt’ is a manifestation of her earlier ambient work transforming into a more crystalized sound, which welcomes a fragmented narrative of psychedelic visions. Her guiding spirit is a kind one, inviting us to face the darkness and to find peace in the unknown. 

As a natural evolution of Susanne’s practice, her use of rave aesthetics and hazy hallucinatory sound imagery has mutated into a hard-hitting techno project. ‘Parietal Eye’ refers to the photo-sensory organ functioning as a third eye found on a range of lizard species. It is through this ancient reptile gateway, to the inner worlds that Parietal Eye seeks to conceive a metamorphosis of human raving, into a reptilian rumination. 

Xuri / Parietal Eye, has participated in a wide range of projects, performing live in Tokyo, Berlin, Antwerpen, and Paris, and continues to expand her field of practice into new frontiers investigating VR, sound design, and visual creation.

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