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In the spirit of anti-genre and the aesthetic of beauty the sound of Xuri is ceremonious and hard hitting at the same time, with this Xuri moves into a uncanny valley of undefinable sonic realm with field recordings, drones and throbbing beats as the vehicles.

Behind the moniker – Xuri – is the Copenhagen-based artist Susanne Benther Mouritsen. After releasing her debut EP on the local imprint Janushoved in 2017 followed by her release Diamene in 2018, she has been featured on a numerous releases under a myriad of aliases. Her work carries the sounds of industrial into a evolving sound that is Xuri’s own, that sums up elegance and playfulness.

Xuri is Susanne’s solo-project where she navigates between subtle melodies and dark drones. Susanne lived in Tokyo where she utilized every sound source in the city as samples in her work, and it is this journey that has served as the main inspiration for Xuri, and a journey she wants her listers to take part in.

Susanne recently worked under a more reptile-inspired moniker on Mama Snake’s label Amniote Edition, with a project titled Parietal Eye.

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