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Vanessa Amara is the alias for the Danish trio of Birk Gjerlufsen, Victor Kjellerup, and Sebastián Santillana, who together create pure drone music with a deeply intimate core of manipulated church organs and flourishing strings.

In 2013 the trio released their first album “Both of us” on the Copenhagen-based imprint, Posh Isolation, and have subsequently had four releases out on the label. All albums have been highly acclaimed and acknowledged by many – including Fact Mag who hailed “You’re Welcome Here” as one of the best releases in 2016: “Taken all at once, you won’t find a more heartbreaking drone album so far this year.”

“Manos”, the most recently released, continues to explore the vast spectrum between divine instrumentation and raw manipulated tape loops, seeking to reach the innermost of their audience. As a live act, they construct a space where the audience is floating in an abyssal space of slow-moving tones and frequencies that builds into infernos of harmonic distortion not unlike artists such as Lawrence English, Klara Lewis, and Tim Hecker.

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