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Rich collages of ambient, dreams and electronic hardware. The Copenhagen-based composer Sofie Birch recalls blissful melodies and synth tones within swirling harmonies that subtle softens the ear.

Exploring music and sound through improvisation, voice experiments and electronic hardware the Copenhagen-based composer Sofie Birch creates blissful soundscapes through her peculiar work with performances, installations and art films.

Sofie Birch is educated with a bachelor degree in sound design from where she has collected a great amount of technical knowledge to combine with self-taught skills in guitar and piano and years of vocal training.

Since releasing her first cassette EP Sketchy Commodity and the subsequently vinyl Doldreams under the alias Birch on the Danish imprint Infinite Waves, she has most recently released music through the Frankfurt-based label Seil and contributed to various experimental and ambient compilations. She has performed at venues such as MONOM and Roskilde Festival and has a distinctly interest in working with visual artists on creating interdisciplinary formats.

When performing Sofie Birch uses her surroundings and the impulses from her audience, building organic live shows that are as improvised as they are structured. Sofie Birch makes a virtue of producing peaceful and spiritual spaces that leaves her listeners attentive and spellbound in a continuous vacuum of unpredictable audio collages.

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