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The musical evolution of Misantrop is like the present musical output, an ever evolving journey. 

The listener is dancing on a knife’s blade – balanced by the outbursts of dominating force in forms of abrasive noise or countered by the fragile naked feeling of a whisper barely audible. 

When performing live, Misantrop creates a personal space and shared collective feeling of being together in an hectic everyday existence.  

Misantrop has been an active part of the club scene in both Copenhagen and Berlin for more than a decade. Both as an active DJ but also running the label Foul-Up putting out quality releases of everything from abstract electronic soundscapes to advanced futuristic dance music. 

The same broad span of styles also characterize Misantrop as an artist blending mangled forms of contemporary club sounds with golden era rave vibes – creating an immersive and contagious sense of urgency on the dancefloor. 

The latest output by Misantrop  “Reproaching the Absurd”  was released late 2021 on Opal Tapes. The album beautifully showcases the range and diversity of Misantrop as an artist.

Performance format: