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Navigating between hard-hitting beats and ethereal harmonies, the Copenhagen-based artist Minais B places the listener in flux of serenity and euphoria.

Minais B is the moniker of Copenhagen-based composer Villads Klint also part of the trio KhalilH2OP and co-founder of the platform Anyines. He has released two albums ‘As The River At Its Source’ and ‘Deep Care’ in 2017.

In his solo project, the Minais B weaves contrasting musical ideas into adventurous narratives utilizing synthesizers, organs and the speaking voice. His debut album ‘Deep Care’ explored the decay of a musical release: The album was released as a custom made moisturizer (1.01 Fl.oz) with an expiration date. All there is left of the album is a subtle noise on all streaming platforms. His latest release ‘As The River At Its Source’ was a 16-minute electronic piece topped with a spoken word narrative. The piece was an investigation of xenophobia drawing on contemporary electronics and the legacy of Robert Ashley.

The third and forthcoming release from Minais B is titled ‘Quiet Bloom’. The release deals with the loss of a loved one, the process of grief and the subsequent importance of giving back what the world takes from you. The album uses organs and synthesizers, danish hymns and arpeggio patterns. At live performances this takes shape with Klint combining the laptop with church organs, electrical organs, and synthesizers, steering the project of Minais B in a new, melodic direction.

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