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Navigating between hard-hitting noises and ethereal harmonies, the Copenhagen-based artist Minais B places the listener in ux of serenity and doubt.

Behind the moniker is Villads Klint who is also part of the Posh Isolation-signed Khalil alongside Nikolaj Vonsild (When Saints Go Machine, Cancer) and Simon Formann (Age Coin, Yen Towers). In his solo project, the young producer explores movement and contrasts in sound with the result of a highly emotional endeavor in contemporary adventurous music, touching on the complex nature of human connection. Minais B is in constant search for the next interesting contrast in sound – sometimes fast and other times patiently waiting.

Minais B has previously released two cassettes on the Aarhus-label Blodrøde Floder. Last year, he released his first moisturising album, titled Deep Care – an edition of 100 specially designed moisturizers (1.01 Fl.oz) containing a download code. The album moves through small clusters of abstract sound investigation to wide sonic landscapes and lonely hooks that take form in the shadow of technology. In sonic texture-studies, fragments are collected and investigated in detail. First shortened then stretched, rst exposed then concealed. Most recently, he released As The River At Its Source on Petrola 80. This album is no exception of Minais B’s adventures in sound. It stays in motion from beginning to end, constantly moving from one frame of mind to another, ultimately maintaining an atmospheric quality throughout the entire duration.

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