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Energetic, euphoric and with a lot of samples is the short description of Lyra Valenza. The dynamic duo consists of Jens Konrad and Hjalte Lehman.

Two guys stretching the term techno with a high level of energy and lots of samples creating a mutation of post-industrial landscapes and atmospheric chord pads and melodies.

You will not find any basic four-to-the-floor instead there are elements of grime, jungle, juke/footwork, trance and pop in Lyra Valenza’s profile.

The Copenhagen-based duo is characterized by their enormous amount of energy and playful experiments in sounds and varies from gritty, hard-hitting techno to obscure and evolving ambient. Together they have enough oomph on stage to rule an entire nation. With the likes of Ecthoterm’s Mama Snake their music has been featured on mix for NTS Radio.

The two members of Lyra are also running the label Petrola 80 on which they released their debut “Synkronudspring I Tomt Bassin” [Synchronized Dive Into an Empty Pool].
Over the past years, the sound of Lyra Valenza has changed quite dramatically from being based on analog gear and steady distorted beats to a much more cut-up take on contemporary electronic dance music.

The latest release from Lyra Valenza is ‘Nightshade Edition. Released June 2020 on Petrola 80. Listen here.

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