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The Copenhagen-based trio’s adventurous take on club music dissolves boundaries between industrial, noise and techno by experimenting with the broader realm of autotuned vocals and encrypted synthetic forms.

The collaborative platform KhalilH2OP is the new project from Nikolaj Vonsild (When Saints Go Machine, Cancer), Simon Formann (Yen Towers, Age Coin) and Villads Klint (Minais B). The three-piece takes high-def pop as a jumping-off point, using vocal FX and digital production tropes to explore ideas of romanticism through the lens of artificiality.

Their debut album The Water We Drink was released on Copenhagen-label Posh Isolation. Across the album, the impulses of the romantic lyricism are diverted through artificial mechanisms and unnatural vocal terrains. KhalilH2OP feels like an ensemble of tensile club rhythms and skittery sound design. Thematically, KhalilH2OP draws constellations of and cites emotive signals with a kind of deep union between form and touch, finding perhaps a place undiscovered.

Their daring approach is bringing them across the European dance scene, and they are currently working on new material for live sets while hosting shows on NTS (among others) and preparing new releases.

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