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Internazionale is equal parts euphoria and decadence. Melodic and extrovert ambient compositions with clear pop-leaning motifs are paired with more quiet, introvert and detail oriented works.

Behind the global alias is Mikkel Valentin Dunkerley. Based in Copenhagen and heavily affiliated with the experimental hemisphere surrounding Mayhem in Copenhagen’s underground that for years has build a reputation of fragments of noise and unsolved viscerality.

For a decade now he has worked in many different disciplines of left-field music, transforming his craft of drone music and noise explorations into something more vulnerable and soft by ways of incorporating sounds from the real world leading us to a disorienting, acousmatic place. The back catalogue counting a myriad of limited releases both on the Copenhagen imprint Posh Isolation and through his own remarkable label Janushoved, each release a new contributive jigsaw puzzle in his growing, world-building narrative.

Since 2012 he has been establishing himself as an arresting live act on an international circuit playing Norberg Festival, Positive Education, Conjunto Vacio, as well as featuring on NTS Radio among others. The core of the sound and the vitality of Internazionale is his rejection of standards. Mikkel is everything but and he simply wishes for the music to speak for itself. With a thoroughly modern sound that bends sensuous and slow melodies are completed by his energetic and demanding noise fractions. Playfully experimental but always with an ear tuned for the darker sounds – his live performances are a perfect mirror of this.

Latest release is the album ‘Avatar in Life’. Released March 11, 2019. A collaborative release between Janushoved and Posh Isolation here.

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