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Internazionale is a framework in which stories are told. An introspective realm in which Mikkel Dunkerley examines themes that seem to shift as tectonic plates beneath the visible structures, and aesthetic languages of each project. Presenting a variety of ambient soundscapes, Internazionale creates spaces in which a visionary ascension becomes possible, to the listener that seeks to engage with the music through emotional presence and conceptual curiosity. 

For a decade now, he has worked in many different disciplines of left-field music, transforming his craft of drone music and noise explorations into something more vulnerable. On his recent release “Vestiges Of Nature”, Internazionale contemplates the reality of witnessing the acceleration of the sixth mass extinction, searching for a tentative illumination shelled in a distant ocean of dreams. There is something to be remembered here. A buried collective trauma, the chance of finding temporary personal solace, or something entirely new perplexedly unfolding. 

Mikkel is the founder of Janushoved, in which each release is a new contributive jigsaw puzzle in his growing, world-building narrative. Janushoved is heavily affiliated with the experimental hemisphere surrounding Mayhem in Copenhagen’s underground that, for years, has built a reputation of fragments of noise and unsolved viscerality.

Since 2012, he has been establishing himself as an arresting live act on an international circuit, as well as featuring on NTS Radio among others.

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