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Aesthetic adventurer, sonic translator, and post-genre explorer,

Ingri Høyland is Hôy la – a musical translation from the internal experiences of anguish, anger, and vulnerability, into the sonics through dissonance and resolution, repetition and dramatic departure, electronic intimacy and organic alienation. 

She fuses elements from various genres into avantgarde-pop soundscapes by experimenting with organic live loops, layers of synthesis and pre-recorded elements in her productions. Her vocals create a closeness for the listener that expresses melancholy and a lyrical universe that opens for emotional confrontations. Her music acts as an intervention, forcing a shared trauma into the light, and sensuous ecstatic movement into your body.

With a passion for cross-disciplinary work, Hôy la is frequently involved with projects of cinematic sounds and visual aesthetics; collaborating on projects with instructor Nicolai Haugaard (score for Hvis Du Vidste), instructor Jeppe Lange (OEYA, video piece, 2022), sculptor Lea Gulditte (Carrier, 2021 & Hissy Fit, 2022), and fellow music producer Sofie Birch (NTS, 2022). 

Her music holds international reach through features in Roskilde Festival (DK), Kantine Am Berghain (DE), Øyafestivalen (NO), Forest Limit (JP) and Eurosonic (NL); alongside opportunities for creative direction in galleries like Copenhagen Contemporary (DK), Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art (NO), and BnA Alter Museum (JP).

Late 2021 spotlights a new album co-produced with Anders Bach, ‘There’s a Girl Inside My Brain Who Wants to Die’. With each track, the barriers and categories that appeared so solid start to become blurry. Spaces where one might just be able to tear some of this enclosure down, and, finally, move through the world more freely.

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