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Thrusting itself into rushing currents of post-digital reality, H2OP deconstructs the human narrative of pop music in search of a new form of poetry. A union of software, voices, and complex systems of musical engagement generates their labyrinthine sound of depicting modernity in all it’s conflicting emotions and paradoxical circumstances.

The collaborative platform H2OP (formerly known as KhalilH2OP) consist of members NikkiH2OP and Yen Towers. The vivid soundscape is an unpredictable atmosphere in which the vocal protagonist merges with cybernetic manipulations, expressing intimate recollections through auto-tuned processing, while bursts of synthesized soundsculptures manifest itself through dialogue between the human and the artificial. H2OP is a collision of computed reality, fluctuating club aesthetics, and anthropomorphic sentiment.

Performance format: