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An Gella is the Danish composer, musician and award winning producer Aske Zidore. Under this alias, An Gella intensively oscillates between the moody and the ecstatic sessions in the sounds. The very idea of structure is applied only to be subverted again by Zidore’s masterful craftsmanship.

Aske Zidore is one of the long-term mainstays in the Copenhagen music scene, and his catalogue has grown to include numerous works and collaborations with artists such as Dean Blunt, CTM, Minias B, Panxing. With his solo-project An Gella, he opens up a more mesmerizing world of his own.

As his first full length solo release to date, ‘Perma’ is a forceful elegy that ravishes you and leaves you with a strange sense of having experienced love pass through generations. From numerous recording sessions, the sounds of voices, choir, strings, drums and electronics appear – but only as extractions, as signifiers that have been isolated from their own original context. The familiar becomes artificially artificial, painting the image of a future that has only warped and distorted memories of a long-lost physical world. Resident Advisor’s Andrew Ryce wrote, “There are shades of Oneohtrix Point Never on this track by the Copenhagen artist, with frenetic melodies sketched out in synthetic voices and chintzy instruments.“

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