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Proton is a Copenhagen-based group of curators promoting electronic and adventurous music through their agency, events and record shop. Proton aims to further expand the independent music scene in Copenhagen, nationally and internationally by local and international non-profit initiatives.

As a booking agency, Proton represents a fine selection of artists from Copenhagen’s emerging music scene. We’re dedicated to present a diverse roster with artists navigating in the field of experimental and electronic music. 

Proton Records – A record store and fixpoint for much more.
Proton Records is a physical store located at inner Nørrebro – Copenhagen, with a wide selection of records – both new and secondhand. The function of Proton Records extends only selling records – It’s also housing the Proton Agency office, facilitating small events and is a co-space for creatives within the local emerging music scene.

The sortiment of the record shop reflects the adventurous style of Proton events and agency, where genres are blurred, but minds are open. Keywords of the sortiment: Electronic, experimental, ambient, Techno, Asia, Africa, US, Europe, house, disco, footwork, trance, afrobeat, jazz, dub, krautrock, meditation, deconstruction.



Since 2014 Proton has been involved in a diverse range of projects including the annual PHONO Festival in Odense and worked with like-minded festivals, venues, artists and labels to encourage forward-thinking music and sound art. Proton has worked with Gas (Wolfgang Voigt), Genesis P-Orridge & Aaron Dilloway, Tim Hecker, SØS Gunver Ryberg and together with cultural bodies such as Berlin’s CTM Festival, Intonal Festival in Malmö, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Roskilde Festival, Jazzhouse, Mayhem, Strøm Festival, Distortion Festival, Alice, Up Node Network and many more. In 2019 Proton Agency became a natural extension of Proton, with the idea of exporting emerging talents from a strong local scene in Copenhagen to international waters.

Proton operates under the catch phrase ‘Never Not In Flux’ and in late 2020, Proton opened an office (co-space) and record shop at Griffenfeldsgade 50 – Inner Nørrebro, Copenhagen.

Work with us:

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Proton Records – instagram | facebook

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 | Halvcirkel (DK) | Tim Hecker (UK) | Tyondai Braxton (US) | Roly Porter & MFO (DE) | Pita (DK) | Murcof (MX) & Vanessa Wagner (FR) | Mads Emil Nielsen (DK) | Islam Chipsy & EEK | Flanger (Atom ™ & Burnt Fridman) (DE) | Matmos (US) | Ro (US) | Pierre Bastien (FR) | Steve Hauschildt (US) | Morton Subotnick (US) | Anden Enhed (DK) 2015 Rabih Beaini (LB) & Daniel De Santis (IT) | Oake (DE) | Kathy Alberici (DE) | Kuedo (DE) | Amnesia Scanner (FN) J. G. Biberkopf (DE) | Phoebe Kiddo (DE) | Group A (JP) | Equis (DK) | Surgeon (UK) | Internazionale (DK) | Søs Gunver Ryberg
 (DK) | Christian Vogel (DE) | L.I.E.S. label showcase: Terekke (US) / Beau Wanzer (US) / Torn Hawk (US) | Charles Cohen (US) | Robert Thurman (US) 2014 Felix Kubin & Mitch and Mitch (DE) | Morphosis (LB) | ToTo (DK) | Tim Hecker (UK) | Kontra-Musik showcase: TM404 (SE) / rRoxymore / Ulf Eriksson (SE) | PAN showcase feat. Bill Kouligas / Lee Gamble (UK) / Helm (UK) | Moritz Von Oswald Trio ft. Tony Allen (DE/NG) | Millie & Andrea (UK) | M.E.S.H (DE) | Matmos (US) | Jeff Carey (US) | Voiski (FR) | Low Jack (FR) | Hieroglyphic Being (US) | 
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