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Danish/Hondurian composer and sound artist Xenia Xamanek has created a name for herself with her expressive style and releases on the Copenhagen-based label Infinite Waves, and wired the Danish underground scene for electronic music.

Having studied the rules of composition and been formally trained on saxophone, Xenia Xamanek is an artist who is appealed to ignore all rules in order to approach her idiosyncratic style of music. She debuted in 2015 with “Men’s Health”, released under her previous alias Equis. Since then she has toured Japan and she has been involved in several collaborations and projects experimenting with site-specific sound art, audiovisuals performances and much more. Her second release “No plants : No life” from 2016, is a mixture of deconstructed techno, harsh noise and immersive ambient confirming the uniqueness of Xamanek’s sound. She released her first solo LP under the alias Equis, entitled “Sitios” on the Danish label Resonans Recording, in April 2018.

Xamanek is a true contemporary hardware explorer who pushes her sound material in unusual ways, navigating an adventurous field and creating a surreal soundscape of high standard.

Recent release is the album ‘Envase’. Released November 2018 on Anyines. Listen here.

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